Varsity & Non-Varsity Opponent(s)


We do our best to have every high school on MaxPreps, but if we do not have the team listed, you can use the following option to act as a replacement.

Adding games vs. Varsity Opponent & Non-Varsity Opponents: 

Login to your Coach Admin Account

1. Go to   on the blue task bar and select 

2. To begin scheduling games, select 

3. Fill out the game information (date, time, location, game type).

4. When searching an opponent and you are struggling on finding the varsity team you played, simply type 'Varsity.' 

5. From the drop box, select Varsity Opponent. This will act as a filler school for you to enter in your teams scores and stats. 

  • If your Varsity team is playing a JV or Freshman team, you will type, 'Non-Varsity Opponent' and vise versa for a lower level team playing a Varsity Team
  • This can also be used when playing these type of opponents in tournaments

6. Under the Game Details section, you can include the school you played.



If the school is listed on MaxPreps, but you are struggling in finding the correct opponent don't worry. The MaxPreps school naming system can be tricky sometimes.

  • George Washington may be listed as just Washington High School
  • Hollywood West may be listed as just West High School in Hollywood

If you tried that and we officially don't have the school listed you can schedule the opponent as, Varsity Opponent and under the Game Details include who your team played against. 






















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