Varsity Opponent & Non-Varsity Opponents


We do our best to have every high school on MaxPreps, but if we do not have the team listed, you can use the following option to act as a replacement.

  1. Login to your Team Admin.
  2. From the “Schedule” tab, choose “Schedule a Game”.
  3. Fill out the game information (date, time, location, game type).
  4. When search an opponent, type “Varsity Opponent” 
    • If your Varsity team is playing another varsity level team. 
    • If your Varsity team is playing a JV or Freshman team, you will type in "Non-Varsity Opponent"
  5. Under the game details, you can include the school you played 


This will act as a placeholder school to your schedule so that you can enter the score and stats for the game.



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