Invite Your Team


Getting your athletes and parents onboard in the Teams app is easy!

As an All Access Admin, all you have to do is share your team's app code to get your team access. The team's app code is unique to your team and it will give your athletes and parents non-admin access in the app. 

Learn more about the different ways you can distribute your team code below:

Invite Your Team from your Home Feed in the App

Share the team's app code from your team's home feed in the app.

1. Once you are logged into your team in the app, you should see your team code on the first post in your home feed.

2. Select Share to email or text the team's app access code to your team.



Invite Unlinked Athletes from the Roster in the App

Share the team's app code to specific unlinked athletes from the roster in the app. 

1. Once you are logged into your team in the app, go to the Members tab  .

2. Select the Unlinked Athlete from the roster.

3. On the Athlete Info page, select Send Invite.

4. Email or text the athlete the team's app access code.


The athlete will receive the invitation by one of the two options you selected. The athlete will download the free app on their iPhone or Android and use the code to join the team.

Once the athlete downloads the app and enters in the code they are joining the team to use the app. 

Invite Your Team from your Desktop Coach Admin Account

Share the team's app code from your coach admin account on your desktop computer. You can also find a handout template with step-by-step instructions which you can use to distribute your code to your athletes and parents.

1. Once you are signed into your coach admin account, select Manage Teams and select Permissions.

2. On the Manage Permissions page, locate the Teams App Access Code

3. Under the Teams App Access Code you can select, Handout. 



From the Manage Permissions page, you can also reset any of the access codes. If you don't see the Permissions section in your coach admin account, you are not an All Access admin. Learn more about Team Permissions. 











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