How an Athletic Director can use Teams by MaxPreps


Teams by MaxPreps is our new team management and communication app launching in Fall 2017. It is replacing MPCoach and offers several new features for coaches:

  • Ability to communicate with parents and athletes from the app
  • Send photos, videos or file attachments
  • See ‘delivered’ and ‘seen’ confirmations on all messages
  • Enter player statistics in addition to the schedule, roster and scores
  • Give unique permissions to the coaching staff to determine what they can do in the app

What can Athletic Directors do in the app?

Currently, Athletic Directors will need to grant themselves access to any team that they would like to manage within the app on a team-by-team basis. Here are the steps:

  • Sign-in to your AD admin on MaxPreps
  • Select “Manage Teams” on the left navigation bar  
  • Choose the team you’d like to manage within the Teams app using the right drop-down menus
  • Copy the access code displayed and enter that within the app, Teams by MaxPreps
  • Repeat for any other teams you’d like within the Teams app

In the future, we will have a universal login for Athletic Directors to have quick access to all the teams at their school.

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