Preseason Checklist for Volleyball Coaches


Everything you need to know on MaxPreps for the 2017 volleyball season.

Most of these updates are done within your team’s coach admin. If you need help accessing your admin, follow our instructions here

1Update Your Roster

From your coach admin account:

  • Click on Roster and select Athletes  
  • If your roster is posted - check to see if it came from Hudl - 
  • If your roster is not posted - click on  and begin adding your team

If your team uses Hudl, you’ll notice your team's roster may already be entered on MaxPreps. Review that all athletes transferred over correctly and if any corrections or deletions need to be made, please do so on Hudl. Changes to your Hudl roster will show on MaxPreps within 20 minutes.


2Update Your Schedule

From your coach admin account:

  • Go to Calendar and select Games
  • If your schedule is posted - check to see if it came from Hudl - 
  • If your schedule is not posted - click on 


3. Verify Your League & Division

During the off season, we do our best to track updated league and division alignments. To verify your league and division go to  and select either option.

If you make any corrections, please note each alignment will go through a 24 hour approval process.


4. Download A Stat App

Finding a stat program can be stressful. We’ve partnered with 17 stat apps for volleyball, including iStatVball2 and SoloStats123. You can check out which of these stat apps you think will benefit you and your team. If you don’t wish to utilize a stat program you are able to enter in the stats manually.


5Have a Great Season! 

It's as simple as that. Once you have gone through this basic team checklist, you will be all set-up on MaxPreps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at any time.

Good luck this season!

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