What do I need to do to prepare to stream video from the Fantag app?


Streaming video from the Fantag app

If you’d like to provide a live video stream for your school, follow the simple steps below:

1. Download the free Fantag app (iOS | Android).

2. Ensure that your battery is fully charged before the game starts.

3. Launch the Fantag app a few minutes before the game starts, click on your game* and go live!

* Only a limited set of schools are included in the BETA test.  If your school isn’t on the list, you’ll need to wait until the BETA test is over and live video highlights are available nationally. Click here for the BETA school list.

While not required, many people find it helpful to put their phone/tablet on a monopod (like this one) with a phone bracket (like this one) so they don’t have to hold it during the entire game.



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