Now that I’m streaming Fantag live video… I have a few questions.


When do I stop streaming?

Ideally, streaming will continue whenever the game is happening. While there’s no reason to stop streaming during short stoppages (ie: timeouts, injuries, etc), it is OK to stop streaming for longer stoppages (ie: half-time, weather delays, etc).

Can I take a break?

Yes. Simply stop the streaming anytime using the Fantag app. Just remember to start streaming again as soon as you’re available so that fans don’t miss any game highlights. If possible, we encourage you to take breaks when the game is stopped (ie: between quarters or at half time).

Can I still use my phone while streaming?

If you switch between apps while streaming video will stop recording. The Fantag app must be in the foreground and if you move it to the background, it will stop streaming. You can, however view notifications but if you select a notification, the app will stop recording.

Where is the best place for me to be when I’m streaming?

For football, we encourage you to stand close to the sideline on your team’s side of the field. The ideal position would be about 10 yards ahead of the line of scrimmage.

For basketball, we encourage you to sit or stand near the baseline close to the floor so fans can see the action near the hoop.

Do I need to be close to or know who the live scorer is?

No. Although the work you both do comes together to provide your fans and team with amazing highlights, you don’t need to know who is scoring or be anywhere near them.

How strong does my cell signal need to be?  Do I have to be on wi-fi?

The Fantag app is specially designed to work even when cell signals aren’t high.  The Fantag app will automatically adjust your video quality to match your available bandwidth.  While you may stream from wi-fi, it is not required for your video highlights to be shared on MaxPreps.

When do I need to press the Fantag button inside the Fantag app?

Never. All you need to do is keep your phone/tablet pointed at the game action and streaming.

What happens when I press the Fantag button inside the Fantag app?

Pressing the Fantag button in the Fantag app creates a personal video highlight. Within a few seconds of pressing the button, you’ll receive a private notification with your highlight. Any personal highlights you create will NOT be shared on MaxPreps. The highlights that appear on MaxPreps are generated by the MaxPreps live scorer pressing either the “Scoring Update” or “Big Play” button on MaxPreps.


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