How to Enter Your Roster


Enter your Roster

Coaches you can enter your roster through your coach admin account. You can also email the roster to and we will enter the roster for you within 3-5 business days. 

Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Place your cursor over  in the upper right hand corner.    

2. In the drop box under Admin Accounts you will select the team or school you are trying to access. 


3. Go to Roster on the blue task bar and in the drop box select Athletes.

4. Click on the green plus button,  to add your athletes. Then click Save & Exit to add a single athlete or Save & Add Another Athlete, if you are adding more than one to the roster. 

5. Through here, you have the ability to Edit  your current athletes, or Delete  athletes from your roster. 


  • Athlete's highlighted in green notes that the athlete has stats on MaxPreps.
  • If the team uses Hudl, the coach has to manage the roster and schedule details on Hudl in order for it to be accurate on MaxPreps.
  • If you send a roster to that is different than what is published on Hudl, MaxPreps will not be able to make any changes.


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