How to Enter Your Schedule


1. Start by placing your cursor over the profile icon and click on "Admin Accounts" then click on your team.


2. After logging in to your Coach Admin, place your cursor over Schedule/Results and click on "Enter/Edit Schedule & Results"


3. To begin scheduling games click on "Schedule a Match"


4. This screen will allow you to fill out the details of the game 

* Date - You can select a date from the calendar or select "Set date to TBA."

Time - You can select your game time from the drop down menus or set the time to "TBA." 

* Game Type - Select 'Conference, 'Non-Conference', 'Tournament' or 'Playoff.' Some ares might refer to 'Conference' as 'League' or 'District', but it means the same on MaxPreps. 

Opponent - If you selected 'Conference', there will be a drop-down menu where you can select a team from your conference. If you have selected 'Non-Conference', 'Tournament' or 'Playoff' you can type for your school's name in the text box under "Search MaxPreps for your Opponent". 

Game Details - You can include any other information about the game here, such as the name of the field or the tournament that the game is in. 

** Click Save & Exit if you only need to add one game to your schedule. Click Save & Add Another Game if you want to add multiple games in a row.



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