Update Head Coach Name


Depending on your level of permission, only the All Access can update the head coach name. If you don't have all access please submit a request. If you have the All Access permissions follow the instructions listed below. To learn about the different permissions, click here

As a Coach - Update Head Coach:

Go to MaxPreps.com and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Place your cursor over  in the upper right hand corner.    

2. In the drop box under ADMIN ACCOUNTS, select your team. 

3. From the blue navigation bar, select Manage Teams and select Permissions.



4. Under the level enter in the head coach name and select Update Coach to save. 


That's it. The team page on the main site will update within 15-30 min. 

As a Fan:

If we have the wrong head coach listed, miss spelled or you have something else you would like pertaining to the coach, feel free to Submit a Request

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