MaxPreps Leader Boards

Once stats are entered in for the athletes the computer will then calculate the stats and automatically push the data to the leader boards. The leader boards update every few hours and will always update when stats have been entered. 

Leader Boards:

1. On the MaxPreps Home Screen, select the sport on the red footer, you want to view leader boards for.

2. On the follow page select, Complete List

3. Depending on your sport you selected, make sure you have the correct Season listed. 

4. Fill out the filters you want to see the Leaders for. The main filters you want to utlize are State and the Stat Field Category. 

  • State
  • Section 
  • Division 
  • League
  • Category


5. Once your filters are set select, Load Leaders and a list will populate for you. 

Athlete Missing from the Leader Boards:

If an athlete doesn't show on a leader board, check that they make the minimum requirement for that specific statistic.

If the athlete is not showing on the league leader boards but does meet all the minimum requirements, the coach has most likely entered 'season to date' stat totals. The system does not know if the stats were achieved during league or non-league games making that athlete ineligible for league only leader boards.

Where do the Stats on MaxPreps generate From:

All stats entered on MaxPreps come from the head coach or the person(s) delegated by the coach to input the data such as an assistant coach or official statistician.

MaxPreps does not enter the stats therefore if you see a problem, issue or error in the stats please contact the coaching staff to correct it.


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