School Admin Permissions


Who has access to the Schools Admin Account?

Curious who may have access to the AD account, follow the steps below.


1. Access your AD admin account and under AD Utilities click on .

2. Four options will populate - under AD Access select, .

3. Anyone with access to the account will appear here, under School Admins (Has Access). 

4. If someone is listed who shouldn't have access, you can remove them by clicking on the by their name. 

5. From this page, you can give access as well. You will do this by clicking  and fill out the required information. 



When granting someone access to the AD admin account, they will receive an email from you. If the email, you provided for the user is already a member with MaxPreps, they will receive an email indicating you've granted them access and how to access the AD account. 


If the email you provided is not a registered member with MaxPreps, they will appear under School Admins (No Access) and will receive an email with instructions on how to create their free membership account. Once they register they will be able to access the AD admin. 

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