Update Athletic Director's Name

There are several ways to update the Athletic Directors name on MaxPreps. If you are not the AD and wish to update the AD name, please click here to update the information.

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As an Athletic Director - Updating AD's Name:

Go to MaxPreps.com and sign into your AD Admin Account. 

1. Under the AD Utilities section, select .

2. Four options will appear. Under Athletic Director and select, .

4. A pop-up window will display and you can type in the correct AD name and select, 

 The main site will take 15-30 min to reflect the update. 

As a Coach or Fan:

If the Athletic Directors name is misspelled or incorrect on MaxPreps, please Submit a Request and our Support Team will be happy to make the correction for you. 

Click here to submit a correction or to fix an error to an Athletic Director name on MaxPreps.

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