Post an Event to the Team Calendar


Team Calendar

We make it easy to organize your team and school events all in one place. Each team on MaxPreps is equipped with a Team Calendar. Games and contests from the team's schedule are automatically added to the Team Calendar. Coaches can also add school-level and team-level events, such as: practices, team meetings, scrimmages, banquets and more.

1. Once inside your coach admin account, on the blue task bar, hover over Calendar and select All 

2. To post an event, click on the green button 

  • Title the event
  • You can repeat the event - select the dates you wish to have the event repeat
  • You can make the event Private 
  • Select which levels the event is for 
  • Choose a category 
  • Add details 

3. Once you have the proper information listed, click on 


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