School Information Correction


Is the school address listed wrong? Are the school colors incorrect or missing? Don't worry. You can contact the Support Team to make the corrections. 

As a Fan:

The following information can be corrected: AD Name, Mascot, Address, Gender, Type, School URL and School Colors. If we have the wrong head coach listed, miss spelled or you have something else you would like pertaining to the coach, feel free to Submit a Request

As a Coach and or Athletic Director:

Update Athletic Director's Name

Upload Schools Mascot Image

As a Coach:

As a coach with All Access or Staff Access, you won't be able to update the school address, school URL or school colors. You can Submit a Correction.

As an Athletic Director:

Go to and sign into your AD Admin Account. 

1. Under the AD Utilities section, select .

2. Four options will appear, select .

3. Under Update Menu select the proper option.

  • Address - Street Name (City and State will go through an approval process)
  • School Colors
  • School Description 
  • Mascot
  • Notable Alumni
  • School Staff
  • School Rival

4. Save all your changes and they will appear on the main site within 15-30 min. 










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