How do I become a member?


To become a MaxPreps member is easy, first go to  

Once on the MaxPreps homepage click on SIGN IN, located in the upper right hand corner. 

Provide your email address and create a personal password. Then click, "Create an Account." 

The following page will ask you for some basic information regarding yourself. Once you complete the form, select the green button that says,"Create Account."

If you're a coach or athletic director, you can select the "AD/Coach Account" option. Click here to join now.  

On the first page, you'll be prompted to enter your email address. The following page will ask you for some basic information regarding yourself. If you have your team or school access code, enter that when prompted.* That will link your membership account to the admin account. Once you complete the form, select "Create Account". 

* If you do not have the access code, you can request it once you create your membership account. 

Now that you've created your account, to login to your account next time you'll simply go to "Sign In" or you will see small profile icon, which means you are now logged in.  

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