MaxMessenger is a free communication tool available in your team admin. You can email and text your team and other contacts all for free, all from one place. To get started using MaxMessenger, login to your team admin and click on "Utilities" to find the link for MaxMessenger. You will then see the MaxMessenger home page.

My Contacts:

This is where you can add and update your contact information. Your team's roster will automatically fill in MaxMessenger once it's been entered. You will just need to add your athlete's phone number, phone carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) and email address. To add another contact, click on the green '+Contact' button. The forms to add a contact will pop-up on your screen and look like this. The fields are all required except to add to groups. The most important one to note is the cell carrier because without that, your text messages will not go through successfully. Once you've added your contacts, you can create groups if you are interested. Groups could be anything, like:

  • Boosters
  • Offensive Line
  • Defensive Line
  • Etc.

To create a Group, click on the green ‘+Group’ button that we saw earlier next to the ‘+Contact’ button. Once you've added your contacts, all you need to do is check the contacts you would like in a particular group and save them.

Something important to note about your roster contacts is that they are not eligible to be entered into groups. You will need to manually add your roster contacts to "All Contacts" if you plan to form any groups based off your athletes.

The final tool available on this page is a printable Contact List form that you can give out at the beginning of the season to be filled out by your team and contacts

Message History:

This is where you can view all the emails and text messages that have been sent from your admin on MaxPreps. You also have the ability to resend a message or to post a message to your team wall for everyone to see.

Create Email:

Here you can send an email to your contacts. They will not be able to reply directly to your personal email address, but it will be visible to them to paste into the reply field if they wish to reply. There is an 1000 character limit and your name, email address and subject line is required. Once you have composed your message you can click "Continue" to select your recipients. Here you can expand your groups and select the contacts you wish to email. The selected contacts will show in the right side column once they have been selected. You can remove anyone you selected by clicking on the contact and selecting the "Remove Selected" button. Once you've chosen all the contacts you want to send your email too, click on "Send Email."

Create Text:

Here is where you can compose a text message to your contacts. Due to most cell phone restrictions, there is and 120 character maximum on your text message. When you use MaxPreps to text your contacts, it will be from a generic phone number or email address from our database - not from your phone number. Also, your contacts will not be able to reply to the text message. It is best for quick updates that don't need replies such as "Practice has moved from 3PM to 4PM tonight." After you have composed your text message and clicked on "Continue" you will be taken to the page to select the contacts you wish to message. You will only see contacts that you have entered phone numbers for. If you don't see a contact on this list, go back to your "My Contacts" page and be sure you have entered a cell phone number. You can select all the contacts you would like to message and you will see them show on the right side after they have been selected. When you are ready, click on "Send Text."

We are planning on expanding MaxMessenger to include features as replying to text messages and importing contact lists.

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