School and Team History


School and Team History

Coaches have the ability to enter school records, coaching records, team records, winning streaks and more. 

As the years go on MaxPreps will have compiled years of athlete and school data and will provide your school a hub for all your team history and records.

To update your information, login to your team admin and click on Manage Team to find the link for School & Team History.


School & Team Description:

The team description is where you can type in any general information about your program such as where it started, where you play, etc. The school description is where you can fill in general information about the school such as where it was founded, notable events, awards, location, school district, etc. There are 1000 character limits on both descriptions and once you've typed them in you must click on "Save Changes" to complete the process.

Coaching Records:

You can update coaching records for your team as far back into history as you have the data. To add a coaching record simply fill out the fields and click on "Add Record". To make any changes to data currently entered in coaching records or to delete any information, click on "Update" or "Delete" a season.

Season Achievements & Stats:

This is where you can enter the records for past seasons as well as noting any titles won (league, district, etc.) program firsts (first win, first victory over a certain school, etc). and any team season statistical achievements. To edit what is currently listed click on the orange wrench icon under "Edit." Here you can select any titles won and enter any specific details, up to 500 characters. If the season was covered by MaxPreps you will need to change your season in the admin to change the record. Once you are finished with your changes,click on "Update" to save. To add a new year to the list click on the green "Add New Year-by-Year Success" button. Here you can enter any seasons prior to coverage on MaxPreps, the record, coach name, achievements and details. When you are done with your entry you can choose to save just the achievements or continue on to save the statistical totals from those years.


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