Play-by-Play and Twitter account


The Play-by-Play scoring tool allows you to sync your updates with your Twitter account.  This option is available when you start your game. Please note, you will continue to have the "Twitter Login" option throughout the Play By Play unless you click "No Thanks."

Tweets for Football:

  • Start of the game & who receives kickoff
  • End of quarter scores and final score
  • Red Zone Alerts
  • Two minute warning (4th quarter only)

Tweets for Basketball:

  • Start of the game & who won the tip-off
  • End of quarter scores
  • Any overtime scores
  • Final score

Each tweet will include a link to your full Play By Play feed on MaxPreps.


Additional Twitter Options:

MaxPreps also added the personal Twitter update feature.  Once you have synced Twitter to the game the "Twitter Login" button will turn to "Twitter Options."

One of those new options is to send a Twitter update which allows you to send out to your followers a personalized Twitter update that includes a link to your full Play By Play feed on MaxPreps.

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