Update Your Team Record


If your team record is incorrect, this is due to your schedule being incorrect. To update your team record, you must add all games to your schedule and post the scores for all games.

Updating your Team Record:

Our system takes the wins, losses or ties and calculates the team record. Below are some reasons your teams record is listed incorrectly.

  • Game Types - If a game is marked incorrectly this will have in impact on your overall and league record. Make sure all League games are marked as, Conference. Non league games are marked as, Non-Conference. For Tournaments and Playoff games, make sure those game types are marked as, Tournament or Playoff
  • Missing Games - Add any missing games to the schedule.
  • Incorrect Games - Delete any incorrect games on the schedule. If the delete option is locked, please contact the Support Team by telephone or submit a request.  
  • Missing Scores - Make sure ALL scores are entered in at the end of each game or prior to the rankings being updated.
  • Incorrect Scores - Make sure all scores are reported correctly. If any scores are incorrect you can update the scores.
  • Scrimmages - Scrimmages & Foundation games, don't belong on the schedules. You can add these games to the Team Calendar. 



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