How to Import Schedule & Roster from MaxPreps to GameChanger


MaxPreps and GameChanger are partnered to share team information.

MaxPreps Side:

1. Create an account on MaxPreps and gain access to your Coach Admin. 

How to gain Coach/AD admin access?

2. Once in your Coach Admin on MaxPreps, you'll want to update your schedule and roster. It's very important you enter this on MaxPreps first. It will save you a lot of time later. 

How to Enter your Roster?

How to Enter your Schedule?

GameChanger Side:

1. Go to and create a team account. Be sure to setup the team as a Prep/High School team. It will ask you if you'd like to sync your information to MaxPreps. Make sure you say yes!

4. Once in your team account, you can copy your schedule and roster over from MaxPreps to GameChanger. 

When you utilize the Copy Schedule from MaxPreps or Copy Roster from MaxPreps, this will auto-sync the stats to your MaxPreps Coach Admin. 

5. On the schedule and roster page, you should see a button that says Import or Copy from MaxPreps.

That's it. Now that you have everything setup, the game files will be sent to your MaxPreps Coach Admin where they should be auto-approved and published.

If the game does not reach the minimum of 4 innings, the file will not come over to MaxPreps and you will need to manually export and import the file. 

How to manually export/import stats from GameChanger

You can edit the stats in your MaxPreps coach account at any time after importing your GameChanger stats. 

If you happen to import the wrong stat file into the incorrect game or if you have further questions, please submit a request form. 



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