Football Hudl Stat Issues


Importing your Hudl Football Stats into MaxPreps is simple. 

Hudl's Tag a Game:

Hudl's Tag a Game app can be found inside their regular app. It is free for all teams that have a Hudl account. With the app you can live stat your games and all stats entered will automatically sync to your team account on MaxPreps.

More information about Tag a Game on iPhone or iPod can be found HERE and for iPad HERE.

Re-Send Stats from Hudl to MaxPreps:

If you don't see your Hudl stats on MaxPreps, please re-send the stats back over to MaxPreps. If you have already re-sent the files, log into your Coach Admin Account and see if the Hudl stats are pending for approval. To re-send stats to MaxPreps, login to your Hudl account and follow the steps below:

Once you select to MaxPreps and select Send it Now, the stat file will transfer over to MaxPreps within a few minutes. 

Import Hudl Stats with Unassigned Stats:

If you use Hudl's Tag A Game App, you may end up with stats that were not tagged to a certain athlete. When those "unassigned stats" come over to MaxPreps, you will see this message at the top of the import page:

Since these stats are not assigned to a specific athlete they will NOT be imported into MaxPreps during the import process. In order for your stats to be accurate you will need to assign those stats to the athlete that acquired them on the pages following the import. You can print this page so you have it as a reference when trying to figure out who the stats belong to.

NOTE: If your entire stat file contains all "unassigned stats" you will not see it in your MaxPreps admin. You need to assign the stats to a player in Hudl in order for the stats to come through to MaxPreps.



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