Data Syncing with Hudl


Data Syncing with Hudl to MaxPreps

MaxPreps and Hudl have teamed up to save coaches time and increase the exposure for teams and athletes.

Things to know regarding the data sync:

  • Roster sync: If you enter your roster on Hudl, the information is sent to your MaxPreps account.
    • You can import your MaxPreps roster into Hudl*
  • Schedule sync: If your  schedule is listed on Hudl, it will copy over to MaxPreps.
    • MaxPreps will not receive any games vs. TBA opponents, scrimmages or practices
    • You can import your MaxPreps schedule into Hudl*
  • Tag stats live (Scores & Stats from Hudl to MaxPreps): Direct sync with stats is only avaible for football. For basketball and volleyball, you will export the file and import into you admin account on MaxPreps. 
  • Stats entered on MaxPreps to Hudl: If you enter your stats on MaxPreps, that information is not able to be imported into the Hudl account. 
    • One way sync-Hudl to MaxPreps.
  • Hudl Video Highlights on MaxPreps: All the videos marked as highlights on your Hudl account will be sent to your MaxPreps Team page. (Private videos and breakdown data will remain private for Hudl users.)

 *Note: No data can be entered on the Hudl roster or schedule pages in order for the import option to appear.


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