How do I access my admin account on mobile?


Access admin account on mobile

Are you trying to access you AD or Coach Admin on our mobile website? Unfortunately we currently do not have a way to view the AD or Coach Admin Account on our mobile website. You will need to switch your view to the Desktop Site. Please follow the steps below to switch your MaxPreps mobile page to the desktop view. 

1. On your mobile phone, go to your internet browser (Safari, Google Chrome, etc).

2. In the URL box, enter

3. Once the MaxPreps mobile page loads, scroll to the very bottom. You should see the follow screen. In the footer, click on Desktop Site

4. Once your page loads to the desktop homepage, you should see Sign in.  Sign in, if you are not already signed in. If you are already signed in, you will see the profile icon in the upper right hand corner. 

In the drop down box that appears, you should see your Admin Account, click on your school. 

5. If you do not have access to your Coach Admin already, you'll need to Request Access by going to your Admin Account Information page and click on Request Access and select Submit Request.

That's it. Requesting access can take up to one business day to get approved. 


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