How to sync GameChanger to MaxPreps

To setup your GameChanger account to sync to MaxPreps, follow the instructions below.
1. Login to your GameChanger account on
2. Click on "Team Settings" found on the right side of the page, listed under "Team Admins."
3. Under MaxPreps Syncing, make sure the MaxPreps status says "Yes." If it says no, click on "Configure" to get your team synced with MaxPreps.

From now on when you hit "Game Over" on the app the stat file will be sent directly to your MaxPreps Coach Admin to be approved. 

To approve the stat file from GameChanger:

1. Login to your Coach Admin on MaxPreps

2. Go to the "Schedule/Results" tab and select "Enter/Edit Schedule & Results"

3. Click on the Add/Edit button (the green +button) and at the top of the box score page you'll see a red GameChanger message with a file drop down list. You'll select the file from their and click "Continue and Review Stats."



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