Setup Teams Notifications


Setting up notifications 

To setup your notifications within the MaxPreps app, please follow the steps below. 

1. Once logged into the app, select the Setting icon. From here make sure you have the enable push notifications toggle turned on. 

2. On this page you and select certain notifications for your favorite teams. You will select the team under your Team Setting section and they enable the toggles. 

What do these notifications mean?

  • Final Score: Get notified when the final score is posted.
  • Qtr. Scores & Overtime: Get notified when quarter and overtime scores are posted.
  • All scoring updates: Get notified for every scoring change.
  • Game Reporter Status: Get notified when an Reporter is assigned, changed, etc (if game is being scored via OTR or a regular Reporter)
  • Game Start: Get notified when the game starts (if game is being scored via OTR or a regular Reporter).
  • Game Delayed/Postposted: Get notified if a game is delayed, postponed (if game is being scored via OTR or a regular Reporter).
  • Team Stats: Get notified when your favorite team's stats are entered.
  • Video, Photos & Articles: Get notified when a video, photo or article is posted for your favorite team. 





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