Follow your Favorite Teams


Favorite Teams

Searching for your favorite teams has never been easier. Follow your favorite teams now and you will have direct access to these pages your your profile account.

To select your favorite teams, make use you are signed in. 

1. Hover over  in the upper right hand corner and click on FAVORITES.


2. If you don't have any favorite teams selected, click on ADD FAVORITES

3. Search the team and select the sport you wish to follow. When you click on the sport the team has been added to your favorites. From this page you are also able to remove teams, by selecting the check box and clicking 

View your favorite teams

You can view your favorite teams once you are signed into your account on MaxPreps. 

1. Hover over  in the upper right hand corner and click on FAVORITES.

2. Click on FAVORITES. Your list of favorite teams will populate. 


3. If you want to Manage your favorites teams, select Manage favorites. 

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