What is the Team Store?

  • It’s your store.  You control when it launches.  You control what items are available for purchase.  You can even control the colors of your store items.  (No more funky pink shirts with your logo on them… unless you like pink, of course.
  • It’s the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do.  A simple slider allows you to add a few dollars to each item.  You provide your team’s payment information so raised funds benefit your team.
  • It’s quality apparel.  Whether you’re looking for something popular like Adidas or more value-oriented like Gildan, there are plenty of product options.  You can even add aprons for your snackbar parents or pet accessories - seriously.
  • It’s safe.  Purchases are all done safely and securely online through our trusted partner, TeamLocker.  Orders are encrypted and credit card numbers are never kept on file.
  • There are no minimums.  Items can be ordered one at a time… and they are shipped within a few days.
  • Never lose your artwork.  Once your store is setup, you’ll never have to worry about losing your artwork.  We’ll keep track of it so you can focus on coaching.  If you need some help with artwork, don’t worry about it - TeamLocker is great at this and will be happy to help.
  • Player Packs make it simple.  You can combine multiple items into a “player pack” to make it really simple for parents to know what to purchase.  For example, you can combine a long-sleeve t-shirt, hoodie and shorts into a “player pack” and then tell your parents, “Just buy the player pack - it has everything you need.”
  • The customer service is awesome.  The most awesome part is that you’re not involved.  ;)  If there are any issues, your parents can contact TeamLocker directly and they’ll help get things resolved quickly.
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