What does the state supplement PDF include?


Everyone who purchases will be sent the full HS Athlete College Guide with information on every college in the country. Additionally, you will receive a second PDF making it simple to specifically see where every athlete from your state is currently playing, and every college program that has players from your state.


The two sections of the state supplement PDF are:


  • A list of every college with players from your state, ranked by the colleges with the most. These are the college coaching staffs that recruit your state the heaviest.
  • A list of every HS in your state that has players playing in college, including who those players are and the college they are attending. This is a great way to compare yourself to players from your area who have played against similar high school or club competition as you have which can help you gauge which collegiate level might be the best fit for you. This information is also valuable as a way to find players from your city with whom you can reach out and learn from by asking what their experience has been like making the jump to college and what they think of their specific program and college conference.
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