MPCoach is now the Teams App


Teams app by MaxPreps replaced the MPCoach app.

If any coaches were actively using the MPCoach app, it has been relaunched as Teams by MaxPreps. Learn about your Team Permissions

Things to know regarding the new Teams app:

What changed?

  • New name - from MPCoach to Teams by MaxPreps
  • Complete redesign of colors and layout
  • Direct or group messages to your staff, athletes and parents
  • Picture, video and file attachment sharing
  • Stat entry in addition to schedule, roster and scores
  • Sync your team’s schedule with your iOS and Google calendars

What do you need to do?

Simply update your MPCoach app and you’ll have the brand new, completely redesigned app. If you're a coach and didn't use the MPCoach app that's okay. You can still download the Teams app today! 

  • Download Teams on your iPhone here.
  • Download Teams on your Android here

Can you keep MPCoach?

No, we will no longer be supporting the MPCoach version. We know change can be tough, but we promise this will be worth it! 

What can I do with the Teams app?

Roster – add or edit your roster.

  • First name, last name & grade are required.   
  • You can add an athlete photo from your camera roll.
  • Adding the email & cell number will allow you to send text or email messages from the contact tab to your players.

Games – add or edit your game details & scores.

  • Select ‘+New Game’ to add a new game to your schedule.
  • While adding the game you can select the grid icon next to time to add the game to your personal calendar. 
  • To enter your score after the game select ‘Enter Score’ next to the game.

Chat – communicate with your team 

  • you can send messages back and forth between athletes & parents

Post your regular teams wall posts

  • You can now toggle with making the posts private or public. 

Calendar - you can sync the calendar to your phones calendar and add events. 

  • adding events you can toggle with making those private or public



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