Approving Your GameChanger Stats


MaxPreps and GameChanger have a unique and awesome partnership. You can use the GameChanger application to stat your game and the stats will then automatically be sent to your MaxPreps Coach Account. 

GameChanger Stats on MaxPreps:

From now on when you hit Game Over on the app the stat file will be auto-sync to your MaxPreps team.  

If you did not sync your roster and or schedule from MaxPreps to GameChanger than you will have to approve that stat file, inside your Coach Admin Account on MaxPreps. 

Approve your GameChanger stats in your Coach Admin:


Go to and sign into your MaxPreps account.

1. Go to  tab and select

2. Under the Add/Edit column, select .

3. On the box score page, you should have a message from GameChanger in red. Choose the proper GameChanger file to import. 

4. After you choose the file, select 

6. Review that stats and 

That's it. The stats have been approved and added. Please note, the main team page will update with the athletes stats within 15-30 min. 

Note: If the game does not reach the minimum of 4 innings, the file will not come over to MaxPreps and you will need to manually export and import the file.


















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